6 Tube Problems That Turn You Into A Grumpy Londoner

6 zones = 6 problems that sometimes make us lose our karaoke cool.

1. The tourist who decides to suddenly stop walking

It's a problem when you've lost count of the amount of times you've accidentally walked into someone. To the tourists who think it's a genius idea to open their maps in the middle of a busy platform, it's not.

2. The passengers who barge on without giving other people a chance to get off

The struggle (literally) is real. It ends up looking more like an MMA match.

3. The people who look for their Oyster cards at the last minute

Or the people who wait for the light to turn green before swiping. It's always a woman with a Cath Kidston bag. 

4. School trips

Say no more. Ever seen those crowds of excitable students swinging off the poles and handles? They obviously didn't get the memo that there's an unwritten rule to never speak on the tube. Or make eye contact. Or look happy. Just stand and look sullen like the Londoners.

Eye contact.jpg

5. Those who have done a year's worth of shopping in one sitting

All the contents are falling out and people are awkwardly channeling their inner flamingos to avoid stepping on it. More shopping bags than sense.

6. People who puts their bags on the seat

Oh, we didn't realise bags have their own zones 1-6 travel card too.


Phew! These are just 6 of the things we experience during the existential crisis that is 'the commute'. Despite these problems, we still love the city - even if the tube turns us briefly into grumpy Londoners on a daily basis.

P.S. Shout out to Amersham in 'Zone 9'

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