Check In At The Heartbreak Hotel

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming and we've got something that even Jon Snow will want to know about. 

We've teamed up with our pals at Roof East to bring you this year's winter entertainment. Come and join us in our Karaoke Cabins at the Sliders Rooftop Curling Club! We'll be singing so many Elvis songs that there'll be A Little Less Conversation and a little more time for dancing. See what we did there?

In honour of the King of Rock 'n' Roll and Studio 54, we've named our cosy cabins The Heartbreak Hotel and The Love Shack. And in true Lucky Voice fashion, we've even been decked out with rhinestone props, old school records and our infamous rotating disco ball so it's fit for karaoke royalty.

With room for up to a group of 10,  you can get your tickets from only £60 for the hour (which works out to be £6 per person) and you'll have your booth hire, drinks service and a welcome drink to warm-up those vocal cords. Your evening of fun doesn't stop there - the folks at Roof East also have 4 neon-lit curling lanes, hot toddies and street food connoisseurs to keep us toasty and warm!

Your pre-Christmas party this year? Nailed it. 

So put on your Blue Suede Shoes and come and get All Shook Up this winter with us by booking here - we'll see you there! 

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