An Ode To Mindshare Huddle

It was one Thursday evening in Central London on a cold November's day, 
Lucky Voice were invited with our songbooks, mics and a diva-like sashay.
By day, group Huddles were held about the future media landscape,
But by night, the tech crowd flocked for a grand sing and to throw some shapes.


We set up shop with agencies and brands in line requesting song after song,
For when the clock struck 8, it was time for a warm up to get those vocal cords strong. 
With 8,000+ tracks to choose from and the worry about cracking glass, 
We entertained the masses with T Swift, Wheatus, Spice Girls and Shirley Bass.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Because we're social media whizzes and had our fancy camera in tow,
We busied ourselves and filmed the night's antics with every ooh, ahh, woo and whoa. 
The video's been attached below but beware, you'll get the urge to singalong,
If you fancy reliving that evening, then have a watch and prepare for a singsong.

If you'd like us at your event, pop us an email: and we'll get our karaoke on.

To find out more about Mindshare Huddle:

Huddle is Mindshare’s flagship festival of ideas, collaboration and entrepreneurship. For one day, we shut down the agency and play host to a jam-packed agenda of 200+ intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future. 

Now in its sixth year, Huddle 2016 will explore the concept of Good. We’re asking Huddlers; can we make our business good by building brand purpose into the heart of our propositions? Can we create good media experiences for our audience, by making our work beautiful or useful or both? And how do we make our industry a good place to work, embracing wellbeing, diversity and work-life balance

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